Here at Giles TV we specialise in setting up and tuning in everything from single TVs to multiple units. We can also take care of setting up the following devices:

  • DVD players
  • PlayStations
  • X-Box consoles
  • Surround sound amplifiers
  • Video systems and Bluray systems

If you need more information regarding our services, don't hesitate to get in touch with us and we will be pleased to discuss how our services can help.

Home Cinema Tuners

We especially accommodate the elderly and the techno-phobic (people who do not like technology) and on numerous occasions have been known to grab an A4 sheet of paper (large) and write an exhaustive list of simple instructions that hopefully can be followed rather than the usual 300 pages of waffle you might receive in the usual instruction manual.

PlayStation and Xbox installations

We can even set up the IT side so if you are getting stuck with setting up your Smart TV etc, we can take the pressure off and deal with IP address etc (i.e. the more technical side of ensuring that the service is up and running).

Contact Us for TV Installations Today

So whether you need a professional surround sound setup in your home to bring your films and TV's sounds to life, or you're wanting to set up an Xbox in a cafe, give us a call today on 01934 611264, and you will be glad that you decided to speak to a professional regarding your TV and installation set up services.